Forcing Software for PCI Compliance

Jaime from The Merchant Account Blog writes:

Lately I’ve been hearing reports of processors that are starting to charge their customers $15 per month for not being PCI compliant. To fix this problem, these processors are requiring their customers to install some PC based scanning software that is supposed to magically make the business PCI compliant, thereby allowing them to avoid the monthly charge. Let me start out by saying: This is a bunch of crap! There is nothing that you can just put on your PC that will make your business PCI compliant. This is so far off course that it hardly can be related to PCI. PCI compliance is in reference to networks, computers, hardware and software that play a part in the processing, storage, or transfer of a credit card transaction.

Check out the rest of the post here: Forcing Software for PCI Compliance Unbelievable. I don’t think I could of put it any better myself and really hits on the theme that a product (even if it is PABP or PA-DSS certified), or PCI Scan, or any other service, CANNOT make you PCI compliant – I have a blog post brewing on this very theme.


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