I signed up for the CPISM exam


I just signed up for the Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Manager or CPISM. So I’ll be in Dallas, TX from November 5th - November 7th – If you are in the area or are also taking the exam, please feel free to drop me a note.

Here is the link to sign up:

CPISM Training and Exam on Wed 5-Nov-08 8:30 AM

The CPISM measures aptitude in eight knowledge domains that were were generated and validated by industry experts. These domains constitute the knowledge that a security manager in the payment card industry needs to protect data. The domains follow:

\* Payment card industry structure  
\* Payment card structure and data  
\* Payment card transaction processing  
\* Compromise fraud statistics and trends  
\* Merchant risk analysis  
\* Laws and the regulatory environment  
\* Payment card security programs  
\* Third party relationships

See more info here: http://www.paymentsecuritypros.com/CPISM/

Since I’m in payment processing, and a former QSA this just really makes sense for me and will help us serve and support our clients better.


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