Payment Systems Podcast episode #2

Episode #2 is live - we cover quite a few topics that were started off my a consumer experience went wrong, Also, we do not come in stereo in this one, left channel only, I think it was a configuration mistake on my part. Enjoy ! and send feedback or comments or questions to Payment Systems Podcast episode #2 Date: 8/28/2008 Intro & Exit Song: Patiently Dying by elision 1) Frustrations with Returns 2) Payment System Transaction types with Return vs. Reversal vs. Void 3) Return Authorization 4) Switching non-Payment Transactions 5) MethCheck 6) Dave on Customer Services practices 7) OboPay Experiences - 9) Watching the Payment Process - CVV2 experiences - Cvv2 requsted over chat! 10) ATM, Debit & PrePaid Show/Expo 11) VMWare ESXi [display_podcast] Blogs and email links Andy’s : Dave’s : email :


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