ATM reprogramming arrests.

tranax-1500 I guess it has been almost two years now, that a news story and security researcher blog post, pointed out a vulnerability in certain types of ATM Machines. The vulnerability relates to “PCI requirement #2 - Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters” with a few brands of ATM machines ( generally the smaller standalone ATM’s you see in convenience stores and sold by ATM ISO’s and their agents ) whose service manuals were accessible online, and ATM operators failing to setup the ATM’s in a secure manner. I remember googling and finding the default passwords and instructions for these. With the service manual and passwords, a person was able to reprogram the value of the ATM cassettes. telling the ATM Machine that the $5 cassettes had $20’s and doing a withdrawal

Today - Wired notes that the first bust for ATM Reprogramming Scan netted its first two arrests.

It took a high-speed chase and some gunplay, but two men in Lincoln, Nebraska, are the first to face felony charges for using default passcodes to reprogram retail cash machines to dispense free money.

Jordan Eske and Nicolas Foster, both 21, are in Lancaster County Jail pending an October 1st arraignment. They’re each charged with four counts of theft by deception, and one count of computer fraud, for allegedly pulling cash from privately owned ATMs at four stores in the area. The pair allegedly reprogrammed the machines to believe they were loaded with one-dollar bills instead of tens and twenties. A withdrawal of $20 would thus net $380.


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