Check Fraud and Information Security

Scott Fendley writes a good post on Check Fraud and Information Security at the SAN’s Internet Storm Center Handlers Diary after watching Catch Me If You Can which is inspired off of Frank Abagnale Jr. early life of thievery and deception.

We have developed interfaces to external 3rd party check authorization providers as well as developed a local check authorization module which is a blacklist based on a bad check subscription service, and velocity checking. But many of Scott’s steps to reduce risk based on his research are not as much based on accepting checks, as much as being the check writer, and are not all logical controls but preventative and detective procedures to reduce risk of check fraud. Some good points here.


Frank’s Book The Art of the Steal is a good read and add this [SAN’s Internet Storm Center Handlers Diary] to your RSS Feeds and regular reading if you are a security manger/analyst.


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