Obopay adds multi-factor authentication

Picture 16Since becoming an Obopay user, I’ve noticed that very recently that they have implemented a multi-factor authentication for transactions initiated from their mobile website. I needed to pay $2.14 to a friend who picked up a lunch for me yesterday: Monday is $1.00 Maid-Rites :) When sending the money I received the following (see picture on left) screen, and my phone rang shortly after - requiring me to type in my obopay PIN to complete the transaction. Very well done! I know that Chase uses a similar process (out of band verification) for its Internet banking. Authentify is a company that provides a service like this – please leave a comment below if you know of any others. Also - if you noticed in the picture I’ve updated my Nokia E51 to a Nokia E71 - a very nice phone - (I really missed the QWERTY keyboard)


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