The Show is over . . .


We are all back from the ATM, Debit and Prepaid Forum 2008 from Phoenix, AZ. We made some great friends with other exhibitors, and attendee. We talked to many people about Payment Systems; including Payment Switches, Authorization Hosts and the benefits of our platform and our team. We shared a live demo with tools to simulate Point-of-Sale and other incoming messages from the acquiring side (from merchants) and switching them out to simulators (that used real connection and message formats of real endpoints) as well as to our own Issuing Authorization Host, that you can run in your data center, or in ours.

It was fun to run a transaction: get a decline due to non-sufficient funds, add value to a card, set the card status to Blocked, and get an approval or declined message based on some of these different parameters. Transactions took ~30ms and was ran on hardware that costs ~$800 and was capable of running north of ~1/2 million transactions per day.

We also got to listen to some great speakers on topics that a reader of this blog could appreciate ;)

With OLS being from Dallas, Texas - we hosted a Texas Hold’ em tournament and social party in which everyone had a blast and winners won some great prizes.

I also had the opportunity to promote this blog a little bit using some MOO mini-cards and hope to add a few more regular readers!

Thanks to Source Media for putting on the show.


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