PA-DSS Validated Applications Published

I read that the PA-DSS Validated Application List has been published by the PCI Council. This is expected as PABP is now know as PA-DSS and the PCI Council is taking ownership of the program.The PA-DSS List of Validated Applications is viewable here:

We are Visa PABP compliant, ( see the VISA PABP List and screen capture below ) but I am a little disappointed in the PCI Council, because we are not listed on that list… looks like it is time to make a few phone calls to see why and rectify the issue. I know the the PCI Council now grants us the opportunity to pay $1250 a year to be listed, but we have not received any communication or such invoice from the PCI Council.

I’ve also asked our auditor and received this reply:

“You are not the only one to be affected by this. When I looked at the list, there were only 85 applications listed out of the many hundreds that were listed on the Visa PABP site. So it appears to me that the PCI SSC has not completed their migration”



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