Life before VMWare


I was looking at a few old pictures of my old office at a small Third Party Processor (TPP) where I was Director of Development and Technology and that I lived in for ~8 years, that had a small test lab in my office. These are probably circa 2000-2002 or so, and it required to have physical machine to run different test systems back then. All were white boxes that I put together from parts, let me take a stab at what they did from memory:





Now I have an shuttle PC with 8 gigs of RAM and VMWare ESXi as a test server, and a Vista x64 workstation with 8gb of ram and VMWare Workstation for dev and a Black MacBook for travel with 4gb and VMWare Fusion. I’ve consolidated a bit :) Oh, I also have a XEN instance of Windows 2003 on another Linux box :) BTW, I was an early user of VMware version 3.0 and used it to run Linux guests on my laptops, but that was when RAM was not so cheap, and these boxes had memory limits.

Virtualization rocks for development and testing.


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