Obopay Widgets - part II (Obopay Widgets share your mobile number)

My plan to take over the world using capital financed by mobile payments (using Obopay Widgets ) has been put on hold, you see I don’t really want to share my cell phone number with you. I have a fear of getting SMS and text messages and mobile calls that I really don’t want and exorbitant fees on my mobile statement. You see the new Obopay widgets that I blogged about here, act differently the the Obopay buttons that I used in my first campaign here: Let’s look at the two different methods:

OboPay Buttons:

Send me $1 by cell

When you click on it to send me $1:


(notice - you don’t see my cell phone here)

OboPay Widgets:

When you click on it to send me $110:

1-13-2009 3-58-22 PM

(111) 222-3333 is my cell phone number (no not really) that is accessible to anyone who visits the Obopay Widget. Why did they not implement this like they did the “buttons” ?!??!


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