Obopay Widgets


I saw this press release: Obopay Introduces Bailout Tools for the Rest of Us:

With millions turning to friends and family for a personal bailout in the form of a little extra cash, Obopay, the pioneering service provider for payments via mobile phones, today announced three widgets – small applications that can be added to web pages such as blogs and profile pages – to help people give, donate and pay money quickly and easily. Receiving and sending money with Obopay to friends and loved ones online has never been easier.

Here is my Obopay Widget in action:

(***note this widget is not configured to use my cell phone***)

Get code to create your Obopay widgets here.

I personally don’t like the fact that Obopay allows for anyone to view your cell phone number, after they click though the “widget” if it is configured with your cell phone number. I see SMS Spam and un-wanted cell calls with this.


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