SPSP Webinar: Secure Hashing and Scope Reduction Methods

Hashing is one of the most basic constructs of Payment Systems development, as it relates to both secure storage of passwords as well as a method of rendering card numbers unreadable (PCI 3.4), you can also use the hash as a lookup or index in a database if you are performing column level encryption especially asymmetric encryption. I hope the presentation includes the difference between “secure hashing” and “naked hashing”

I encourage my readers to attend the following webcast by the Security of Payment Security Professionals, of which I am a member.

Wednesday, January 21th, 2009 the Society of Payment Security Professionals is hosting a webinar on “Secure Hashing and Scope Reduction Methods”. You can register for this event online.

I plan to do a follow-up post on this and perhaps with a few code examples :)


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