The Organized Ones

The best team members are those that I call The organized ones. or·gan·ized (ôrg-nzd) - Efficient and methodical A list of observations of some traits and activities : * Usage of folders and mailbox rules to process emails, vs an inbox with 4999 unread emails. * Searching for files on keywords using Spotlight or Windows Search vs navigation of windows in a file manager. * Using Find in Files or $grep -r “something” * or in your favorite text editor * Doesn’t duplicate documents or content all over the place - e.g. lets write this is a word doc, and copy and paste the contents to a comment on issue ticket, and then attach the word doc with the ticket, and then store the word doc in Dropbox. * Usage of 1Password, LastPass or some other password manager and don’t forget passwords. * When you browse a file tree in a directory and sub-directories - there isn’t too much ambiguity and depth. * Searching though chat history to find some that was discussed recently. * Using search (see a theme ?), for e-mails. * Just google it, open a bunch of tabs/links and read, instead of saying they don’t know, or nobody told them. * Tend to use the keyboard a lot more then their mouse, and actively research shortcuts to improve efficiency. * When talking to them getting the feeling that they haven’t confused themselves. … @dbergert


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