New Blog Platform and a 5 year hiatus

New Blog Platform and a 5 year hiatus

I decided to try a static blog generator and move away from WordPress and get with the times :)

I’m using Hexo - and using Netlify as a host. Here is the quick start guide that I followed:

I found my old WordPress XML backup files and migrated those pages using I do have a bit of clean-up for images and markdown formatting to clean up for a few posts, tags and categories - or let the old posts die, or remove a few of the poorer ones.

I found out that my first blog post was 11 years ago, and my most recent about 5 years ago, I do think that Twitter and micro-blogging took away from some of the blog writing I used to do.

From a development effort at work - we are writing docs in asciidoc and using Antora I suspect that was part of the motivation here for a change, and fewer concerns of keeping Word Press and its plugins up to date is a nice bonus.


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